Shitty Services

What can we doo-doo for you?


Dirt cheap webhosting offering guaranteed 90% uptime. Yeah, that's a huge margin for offlines, but we also don't charge you much. Take a chance on me.


Give me an idea and some content, I'll build you a site. Plug-and-Play ain't just for drivers anymore. I've got a formula and it works, jsut don't looka t too many of our hosted sites back to back or you'll get deja vu.


Let us setup everything from scratch. We'll register the domain, build the site, throw it online, and you'll never have to think about it again. Setup autopay and forget you even own the damn thing!

Low Rates

Hosting packages starting at $5 per month with one-time setups starting at $25. All packages are ad-free! Wouldn't know how to code them in if I wanted to.

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